What is Vaya Total Care?vayatotalcare-familly-web

Vaya Total Care is a FREE service in McDowell County offered by Vaya Health, your Medicaid health plan. It is a team-based approach to healthcare tailored to your specific needs.

Through Vaya Total Care, you will be matched with a care coordinator who will get to know you and your needs. Your care coordinator will work with you, your doctor and your other healthcare providers to make sure you are receiving the support and services you need to stay well and live your best life.

Your Life, Your Way

Just as your brain communicates with the rest of your body, the people who take care of your mind and body should also communicate. Vaya Total Care gives you more control over your personal health and wellness. Think of yourself as the coach, and your healthcare providers are your team. Your care coordinator is the team captain, making sure you have the services and supports you need to stay healthy, safe and satisfied with your care.

How Vaya Total Care helps you

The aim of Vaya Total Care is to get you the right care at the right time in the right setting.

Through your care coordinator, you’ll have a direct link to the right care and support. Together, you will develop a care plan based on your needs. That plan will be shared with your entire care team so they can provide the best possible care.

We also know it’s hard to stay healthy if your basic needs, like housing and employment, are not being met. Your Vaya Total Care team pays attention to your life “outside the doctor’s office.” From helping you find resources in your community to making sure you eat and sleep properly, we’re here for you.

Call 1-800-849-6127 toll free 24/7 to access mental health, substance use and intellectual and/or developmental disability services. Members can request materials in Spanish or English.

Llamar al número gratuito 1-800-849-6127 24/7 para obtener servicios y apoyo a la salud mental, discapacidades de desarrollo y abuso de sustancias. Los miembros pueden solicitar materiales en español o Inglés.