REMOTE 40-hour NC Peer Support Specialist Training

REMOTE 40-hour Peer Support Specialist Training | Vaya Health Following are answers to some frequently asked questions about this training: * There is a waiting list for this class, so you cannot just register for it.* Only people who have completed the application process and are approved can be added to the waiting list to be contacted […]

Neurocognitive Disorder: Living with Dementia-WGAMHST

Commonly referred to as dementia, neurocognitive disorders can affect the way people perceive and engage with the world around them. This course looks at various classifications of neurocognitive disorders (NCDs), […]


EGAMHST: Personality: Why Mine is Different

The reality of personality disorders is that they involve long-term patterns of thoughtsand behaviors that are unhealthy and inflexible and, though similar, no two ever lookexactly the same. This course defines personality disorders, explores different types and examines challenges associated with providing care for individuals who are diagnosed with one. This is a free virtual […]


EGAMHST: Communication Barriers and Emotion

Communication is the string that ties us all together. If that string isn’t strong enough oris broken, our relationships tend to unravel. This curriculum is designed to look atcommon communication […]