Calendar of Events

Webinar: Bipolar Extreme Mood Variation – Is There Stability?-EGAMHST

Whether you are the caregiver of someone with bipolar disorder or an individualliving with the inability to maintain a consistent mood, feeling “stable” is often aninfrequent reality. This class examines features and symptoms of the different types ofthe disorder. It also addresses causes, risk factors, and, most importantly, treatment.Specific focus is placed on the impact […]


Webinar: Keeping the Balance: Mood-Stabilizing Medications-EGAMHST

Managing mood disorders can be a balancing act. This course provides information about the role of medication in keeping a healthy equilibrium and the importance of observing medication responses, as well as signs and symptoms to report to a physician. This is a free virtual event facilitated by the Vaya Health GERO team. CEU’s are […]