Vaya Health is committed to a robust Quality Management (QM) program that ensures both accessibility of services and a comprehensive and well-qualified provider network. The QM program provides a comprehensive array of behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disabilities services that are clinically appropriate and meet all applicable quality standards.  The QM program is committed to only supporting the highest quality of service provision to recipients in Vaya Health’s 23-county catchment area.

The QM program encompasses all aspects of care delivered by Vaya Health’s network of providers, including mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual/developmental disability services that are provided in outpatient, inpatient/hospital, residential, and community-based settings. In addition to continuously assessing clinical outcomes and indicators, the QM program monitors and addresses administrative issues that affect the delivery of care.

Vaya Health’s QM program is designed to support, promote, and operationalize the organization’s mission, vision, and values.


At Vaya Health, we value transparency in our daily and overall operations. The documents below provide insights into what our members and providers think.

  • The Provider Satisfaction Survey is an annual report of the N.C. Division of Medical Assistance that asks our providers about their experience working with us. We also complete an in-depth analysis and look at what we can improve in our executive summary.
  • How our members feel our about their providers and services is very important to us. Both the N.C. Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) and the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DMHDDSAS) oversee satisfaction surveys.

We want to make sure that we have all of the services needed by our members in locations they can access. We complete an annual Gaps Analysis to make sure we cover all 23 counties we serve with a full continuum of services. When we discover gaps, we work diligently to find quality providers to implement those services in local communities. Click on either of the following pdf files to view the 2017 Gaps Analysis Geo Maps (25MB) and 2017 Gaps Analysis Full Report.

Call 1-800-849-6127 toll free 24/7 to access mental health, substance use and intellectual and/or developmental disability services. Members can request materials in Spanish or English.

Llamar al número gratuito 1-800-849-6127 24/7 para obtener servicios y apoyo a la salud mental, discapacidades de desarrollo y abuso de sustancias. Los miembros pueden solicitar materiales en español o Inglés.