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Vaya Health Board of Directors

Vaya Board Adopts Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolution

Vaya’s Board of Directors recently adopted a resolution to support the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion. Embracing and promoting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion across Vaya and our provider network will help us effectively and compassionately engage with our members, address health disparities, support the development of cultural humility, design equitable programs and successfully confront business challenges. The resolution, adopted March 25, 2021, applies to workplace policies and practices and the provision of services or administration of any Vaya Health Plan.

“Vaya’s mission is to successfully evolve in the health care system by embracing innovation, and I believe that diversity, equity and inclusion drive innovation,” said Board Chair Rick French. “Our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for every individual at Vaya must be rooted in who we are today for us to adapt to the changing health care landscape as we move forward together. Inclusion starts here.”

Read the resolution here.

Read the Vaya letter of support to issue a proclamation declaring racism as a public health crisis in Buncombe County.

Read Vaya’s non-discrimination policy here.

Financial Information

Our goal is to ensure budgetary compliance with DHHS requirements, applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles.

Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, submission of the FY2020 and FY2021 Community MH/SU/IDD Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis reports were delayed by DHHS. Vaya submitted a consolidated report to DHHS on 8/24, and we will update this page once DHHS approves our submission.

Quality Improvement

Vaya Health’s quality management (QM) program works with staff, providers, community stakeholders and individuals to measure how well we’re meeting the needs of our members.
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