Member Handbook

Our Member Handbook explains how your health plan works and what Medicaid services are available to you. Click below to read, save, or print a copy.

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Use this handbook to learn more about: 

  • Your benefits 
  • How to get care 
  • Extra support and programs to keep you healthy 
  • How to file an appeal or complaint 
  • Your rights and responsibilities 

To request a printed copy, call Member and Recipient Services at 1-800-962-9003 (TTY 711) Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call Member and Recipient Services if you have questions about the handbook, to request a copy in Spanish or other languages, or to get a copy in large-print or other alternate formats. 

Member and Caregiver Handbook

All Vaya Health members receive access to a copy of our Member and Caregiver Handbook.

The handbook explains what to do in a crisis, what services may be available under your eligibility and how to access healthcare services. It also includes information on how Vaya can help you pursue recovery, greater community integration or other life goals.

To request a printed copy, call our 24/7 Access to Care Line at 1-800-849-6127. You may also call this number if you have questions or to request a copy in Spanish or other languages. If you lose your handbook or need another copy, call the Access to Care Line to receive a new copy.

The handbook also explains your rights and responsibilities, including how to report concerns, file an appeal or a grievance, prepare a crisis plan or advance directive, participate in person-centered planning or report fraud or abuse.

Click below to read, save or print a copy.

Vaya Health Member and Caregiver Handbook 2021-2022

Vaya Health Manual para Miembros y Cuidadores 2021-2022

Need Help?

Finding care can be confusing sometimes. At Vaya Health, we make it easier. The process starts with a phone call to our Access to Care Line at