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Thank you for visiting and taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions about your experience on our website. This short survey will help us learn how we can continue to make changes to our website that will help provide the best experience we can.

Other concerns?

If you would like to leave feedback about an experience you had with an employee from Vaya Health, report fraud, waste, or abuse, or file a grievance/complaint, please visit our EthicsPoint portal or call our Member and Recipient Services line at 1-800-962-9003 for assistance.

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This survey is anonymous which means we do not know who you are. If you need help or have questions, please call our Member and Recipient Services line at 1-800-962-9003 Monday through Saturday 7 a m to 6 p m

If you are experiencing thoughts of hurting yourself or others, or emotional or mental pain or distress, call the Vaya Health Behavioral Health Crisis Line at 1-800-849-6127 at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with someone who will listen and help. If you are in danger or need immediate medical attention, call 911.

Need Help?

Finding care can be confusing sometimes. At Vaya Health, we make it easier. The process starts with a phone call to our Member and Recipient Services Line at