Microenterprise Directory

Building a strong community often starts with supporting local businesses. Many Vaya members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities run their own microenterprises, or small businesses. These microenterprises not only give them employment and income, but also a sense of purpose, independence, and an opportunity to give back.

Bo’s Creation Station

Business Name: Bo’s Creation Station

Member Name: Bo

Product/Service: Cartoon prints

Description: If VHS tapes and morning cartoons bring up fond childhood memories, you’re not alone. Bo created an entire business around it from his love of drawing. Bo’s Creation Station is a nostalgic collection of prints and stories that you can order printed on a number of products.

Purchase: bofish100.threadless.com

D’s Notes

Business Name: D’s Notes 

Member Name: Dianna

Product/Service: Handmade cards

Description: D’s Notes offers handmade cards using various techniques, including ink stamping, stickers and painting. Dianna makes cards for every holiday, including baby showers, birthdays, invitations, congratulations and special orders.

Purchase: HomeGrown, Asheville

West End Village, Asheville

The Littlest Birds, Asheville

Jeremy’s Lawn and Garden

Business Name: Jeremy’s Lawn and Garden

Member Name: Jeremy

Product/Service: Yard work and fresh eggs

Description: Jeremy’s Lawn and Garden offers a variety of yard work services, including raking leaves, lawn mowing, weed eating, planting, and shoveling sidewalks and driveways. Jeremy also sells fresh eggs and plans to sell produce in the spring.

Purchase: jeremylandg79 (at) gmail.com

Landon’s Home Run Crafts

Business Name Landon’s Home Run Crafts

Member Name: Landon

Product/Service: Handmade cards

Description: Landon is precise in his work and great at visualization which lends to batches of well-designed handmade cards. He picks out designs (“thank you” cards are his favorite) and uses templates to recreate a variety of holiday cards to share with others.

Purchase: Three Little Bears, West Jefferson

Ashe County Arts Council, West Jefferson

The Foundry Downtown, West Jefferson

Nick’s Bodacious Bird Bites

Business Name: Nick’s Bodacious Bird Bites

Member Name: Nick

Product/Service: Birdseed ornaments

Description: Nick’s Bodacious Bird Bites are a treat for the eyes and the birds. Nick crafts handmade birdseed ornaments that are perfect gifts for birdwatchers, backyard enthusiasts or anyone else who wants to give the birds a little something extra.

Purchase: Summit Support Services of Ashe, Inc. or email dawnz@summitsupportsvcs.org

Nick Burrows Photography

Business Name: Nick Burrows Photography

Member Name: Nick

Product/Service: Photography

Description: Nick Burrows Photography offers assorted prints and calendars. Nick’s passion and artistic eye can be seen in each of his photos from nature and landscapes to restaurants and concerts.

Purchase: Maddie’s on Main, Canton

A Piece Within

Business Name: A Piece Within

Member Name: Mary Beth

Product/Service: Beaded Bracelets

Description: A Piece Within harbors love in every bracelet. Mary Beth’s signature “I love you” charm is one of many options on her beaded bracelets, and she takes pride in choosing the colors and charms on each one she makes.

Purchase Email: Miraclemary711 (at) icloud.com

Complicated Music Machine

Business Name: Complication Music Machine

Member Name: Jacob

Product/Service: Greeting cards and bookmarks

Description: Complicated Music Machine offers greeting cards and bookmarks featuring artwork from Jacob’s latest projects: “Meltdown Kitchen,” an animated series centered on cooking competitions, and “Complicated Music Machine,” a virtual band set to release country-inspired music. The perfect gift for cooking connoisseurs, music aficionados, or anyone who loves one-of-a-kind art.

Purchase: Madam Clutterbuckets in Asheville
FIRSTwnc Office in Asheville
The Emporium on Main in Hendersonville

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