Pharmacy Lock-in Program

The Vaya Health Lock-in Program helps identify members who are at risk for possible overuse or improper use of pain medications (opioid analgesics) and nerve medications (benzodiazepines). The program also helps identify members who get the medications from more than three prescribers (doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants). If you qualify for this program, Vaya will only pay for your pain medications and nerve medications when:

  • Your medications are ordered by one or two prescribers. You will be given a chance to pick prescribers in the Vaya network.
  • You have these prescriptions filled from one or two pharmacies. You will be given a chance to pick pharmacies in Vaya’s network.

If you qualify for Vaya Lock-in Program, you will be in the program for two years. If you do not agree with our decision that you should be in the program, you can appeal our decision before you are placed in the program. Call Vaya Member and Recipient Services at 1-800-962-9003 for more information on appeals.