Individual and Family Directed Services

N.C. Innovations offers participants and their guardians choice about how services are directed. The Innovations program allows participants or their guardians to self-direct some or all of the participant’s services, instead of having all services directed by a healthcare provider. Self-directed services are called Individual and Family Directed Services (IFDS). There are two models in the IFDS option: Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency with Choice (AWC).

Participants and legally responsible persons (LRPs) who choose the IFDS option are choosing to function as a provider. This means that you/your LRP, the EOR/Managing Employer and the Representative (if applicable) have the ability and the responsibility to access information, manage employees and budgets and get support and assistance. You are also responsible for participating in and cooperating with any and all Vaya monitoring reviews, payment reviews, audits and other investigations.

Speak to your Vaya care manager to learn more.


Download a copy of the handbook below:

Individual and Family Directed Services Employer Handbook (PDF)


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