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Welcome to Vaya! We’re glad you’re here. While change can be hard, remember that you’re not alone. Our teams are ready to help you continue your health journey.

Below, you’ll see links to information about us, the N.C. health care system, and the ins and outs of Vaya membership. You can also find a copy of our Member Handbook, discover answers to common questions, and learn how to get involved in local events and committee meetings.

We can’t wait to get to know more about you, your family, and what makes you unique. Together, we can build a stronger managed care experience for all. And our job is to support you as you work toward your health goals—to help you get where you want to go.

Learn more about Vaya and how we can help you live the life you choose below

Getting Started

Member Materials

Member Rights & Responsibilities

As a Vaya Health member, you are guaranteed certain rights by law. Vaya network providers must respect your rights at all times, provide you with continual education regarding your rights and support you in exercising your rights to the fullest extent possible.

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities, review the Member & Caregiver Handbook. 

Member Letters

Attached below are letters written to our members that contain important information about Medicaid coverage and services offered through Vaya Health. You can review these letters to learn more about your transition from Cardinal Innovations to Vaya and how it will affect you.

Medicaid Member Letter

State-Funded Member Letter

Medicaid Transformation

North Carolina is changing the way people get Medicaid health care services. As of July 1, 2021, most Medicaid beneficiaries have transitioned to health plans managed by insurance companies, also called Standard Plans, as part of NC Medicaid managed care.

Click here to learn more about the Medicaid Transformation and how it affects you. 

N.C. Innovations Waiver and the Registry of Unmet Needs

N.C. Innovations Waiver

The N.C. Innovations Waiver is a home and community-based service designed to promote independence, choice, community integration and the ability to realize life goals. 

Registry of Unmet Needs

The Registry of Unmet Needs is a first-come, first-serve list maintained by Vaya to keep track of people waiting for intellectual/developmental disability services in western North Carolina.

Advisory Councils

Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC)

The Vaya CFAC helps ensure that people receiving services are involved in our oversight, planning and operational committees. 

Human Rights Committee (HRC)

Vaya’s HRC helps ensure the protection of our members’ human rights, civil rights and client rights. 

Vaya News

Visit the Current News page to read member stories and important updates, including the original Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations Consolidation Announcement.

Event Calendar

Review our event calendar to find meetings, seminars, and community events to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to view the answers to each one or click here to view and download the full FAQ document.

What do I need to do?

No action is required. If you received services through Cardinal Innovations (and remain eligible for services), you are automatically enrolled with Vaya.

Will I keep my services?

Your eligibility for Medicaid is not affected by Cardinal Innovations’ consolidation under Vaya Health. As long as you qualify for Medicaid, and are authorized to receive services, you will continue to be covered by Medicaid for your health care needs.

Will I keep my same provider?

Vaya is committed to ensuring the widest range of services and highest quality care for members and recipients. Most Cardinal-contracted providers in the consolidating counties will join the Vaya network. If your provider chose not to participate in the Vaya provider network, then they can request an Out of Network agreement with Vaya, so you can continue to receive your care. Vaya remains committed to evaluating the unique service needs of each community we serve.

Will I keep my care manager/care coordinator?

Vaya’s goal is to keep as many Cardinal Innovations care managers as possible to ensure continued care for members. If your care manager/care coordinator does not transition to Vaya, another one will be assigned to support you.

Will I need a new Medicaid card?

Members in the nine consolidation counties (Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Franklin, Granville, Person, Rowan, Stokes, and Vance) should have received new Medicaid cards by mail. If you have not received your new Medicaid card, please contact Behavioral Health Crisis Line at 1-800-849-6127.

Is the consolidation going to change the way you work with members and providers?

Our highest priority is still the health, safety and well-being of the members and recipients we serve. Vaya and Cardinal Innovations entered the consolidation with a shared vision of a stronger health plan that will minimize disruption in care, meet community needs and effectively prepare for North Carolina’s transition to Medicaid Managed Care.

Contact Us

Have questions, need services, or want help with a crisis? Call Vaya’s Behavioral Health Crisis Line at 1-800-849-6127 anytime (24 hours a day, every day) or send an email to

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

Need Help?

Finding care can be confusing sometimes. At Vaya Health, we make it easier. The process starts with a phone call to our Member & Recipient Services Line at

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