Vaya Health Celebrates First 100 Members Impacted Through Recently Launched Pilot Program

ASHEVILLE, NC – A little over a month since the launch of the Healthy Opportunities Pilot (HOP) program, Vaya has hit a major milestone – more than 100 members enrolled and approved for HOP services.

This critical initiative addresses the connection between social determinants of health and the overall well-being of individuals in select regions in the state. The HOP program is a collaborative effort between health plans, designated network leads, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), and community organizations.

HOP aims to decrease health risks and promote healthy living through support in four main areas:

  • Housing: The program offers various housing support services, helping members find, secure, and transition into healthy living spaces. Services covered include one-time deposits, first month’s rent, housing safety inspections, accessibility modifications, and short-term post-hospitalization housing.
  • Food: Recognizing the importance of nutrition, the HOP Program provides eligible members with healthy food boxes, medically tailored meal plans, and group nutrition classes. Since the launch of HOP, Vaya has received over 170 referrals for food assistance across its region.
  • Transportation: Addressing transportation challenges, especially in rural areas, the program works with community partners to find, coordinate, and reimburse for transportation options, including public transit and mileage reimbursement for gas.
  • Personal Safety & Health Relationships: The program supports members through stressful life events with services such as parenting classes, in-home support, and violence intervention services.

“We are thrilled to see how quickly eligible members are being linked to critical HOP services in their communities,” shared Sarah Frei, Healthy Opportunities Pilot Director at Vaya. “All of the credit goes to our incredible staff and community partners who have diligently worked to ensure that our members’ whole-person health is at the forefront.”

In collaboration with network lead Impact Health, Vaya Health ensures that HOP services are available to eligible Medicaid Direct enrollees in 16 of Vaya’s westernmost counties.

To learn more about the HOP Program, the communities it serves, and the full list of services offered, visit

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