Dr. Richard Zenn CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER As Chief Medical Officer at Vaya Health, Richard Zenn, M.D., serves as the organization’s senior clinical leader, providing psychiatric and medical oversight for all […]

Larry Hill EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER As Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Vaya Health, Larry Hill oversees the organization’s financial functions, including financial reporting and […]

Rhonda Cox EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF POPULATION HEALTH OFFICER As Executive Vice President & Chief Population Health Officer at Vaya Health, Rhonda Cox oversees a range of programs that […]

Robert Webb EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER As Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Vaya Health, Robert Webb is responsible for all facets of technology as […]

Tracy Hayes GENERAL COUNSEL AND CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER Ms. Hayes brings significant regulatory experience at the state level to her role as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Vaya […]

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