Vaya Health Leaders Address Key Health Care Disparities in North Carolina at Statewide Conference

ASHEVILLE, NC – Vaya Health leaders plan to discuss innovative approaches aimed at improving disparities within areas of North Carolina’s health care system at the upcoming i2i Center for Integrative Health Spring Conference, held in Raleigh June 11-12.

During the conference, Dr. Heather Cree, Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Vaya, will share Vaya’s four-year process concentrated on medication reconciliation and pharmacist review to identify and address prevalent health care disparities in North Carolina.

“I’m eager to speak on such an essential topic and give other healthcare professionals insight into the steps Vaya is taking to continue enhancement of our pharmacy review process,” shared Cree, who holds a doctorate in pharmacy. “Having these conversations allows us to advance our process and confront health care disparities in North Carolina.”

On June 11, Vaya’s Child and Family Treatment Continuum Director, Ashley Parks, will speak alongside Benchmark’s Senior Clinical Consultant, Sharron Roberts. They will discuss Vaya’s Pathways to Permanency project, an initiative created to address systemic challenges curbing improvement for children and families concerned with child welfare.

“Our partnership with Benchmarks has been an ideal collaboration in sustaining the resources Pathways to Permanency has allowed us to promote,” said Parks. “We are excited to share the advancements that continue to come from these relationships and continue to impact behavioral health and child welfare in North Carolina.”

Vaya’s continuous efforts surrounding the state’s foster care population come at a critical time, as many families and caregivers face challenges related to care. By putting children, their families, and their health needs first, Vaya Health is helping to ensure that the foster care system remains strong and resilient.

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