Your Care Team

Complex care management, formerly called care coordination, gives you more control over your personal health and wellness. Think of yourself as the coach, and your healthcare providers are your team. Your care manager (formerly called a care coordinator) is the team captain, making sure you have the services and supports you need to stay healthy, safe and satisfied with your care. The people who support you on your way to better health make up your care team.

Who is my care manager?

Complex care management participants have a personal care manager who works closely with them to identify their strengths, identify their needs and build a plan of care that is right for them. Care managers also support wellness and recovery through personalized outreach and care planning.

Who is on my care team?

You and your loved ones will decide who you want on your team. Your team may include your parents, legal guardians, behavioral health or intellectual/developmental disability (IDD) providers, physicians or other medical professionals, family, friends, acquaintances and other community members who can support you on your way to better health. This may include:

  • Providers you need to meet your treatment or habilitative goals, including your doctor, dentist or other healthcare specialists that provide or support your care
  • Representatives from county Department of Social Services or Juvenile Justice agencies or other people you identify who are working with you and your family
  • People who will support you even after certain services stop. These should be people you trust and call when you need help in your daily life who do not receive payment for their support.

When your behavioral health and medical teams work together, you benefit. Better communication among providers means that your team can address the many parts of your life that help shape your health and your recovery journey. People also tell us that they are more satisfied with the care that they receive when they know that their chosen providers are working together to support their health goals.

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