Jacob Ray + Vaya’s Microenterprise Program Autism Awareness Month

As Autism Awareness Month continues to feature the diverse talents and capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum, Vaya shares the unique story of Jacob Ray, a small-business owner whose creativity and passion for storytelling inspired him to start his own small business— with the help of Vaya Health’s Microenterprise Program. 

Driven by his interest in animation, Ray wanted to bring his creative concepts and outside-the-box storylines to life, leading him to create two animated series. 

“I have always been fascinated by animation and the creative ideas that some animated projects employ, for instance, an unorthodox way of storytelling, and this is what inspired me to create a couple of projects that embody those unique ideas,” shared Ray, a member of Vaya Health. 

Ray is currently developing two projects: “Meltdown Kitchen,” an animated series centered on cooking competitions, and “Complicated Music Machine,” a virtual band set to release country-inspired music. 

What sets many businesses within Vaya’s Microenterprise Directory apart is the unique products and services offered, in addition to giving members of Vaya a chance to embrace their passions and start their own businesses. 

“What I like most about owning and developing my own business is the fact that I get to set my own hours, making time for other important things. Also, one part of the animation business that I really like to cling to is the fact that you can make it as an independent business with the right marketing skills, and concepts that can grab people’s attention.”

Ray recently launched a collection of greeting cards and bookmarks, featuring elements from his two projects—taking his dream and turning it into a reality. 

When asked what he wants others to know, Ray said that his business represents more than just animation; rather, it’s a testament to the endless possibilities that come from embracing one’s passions and pursuing them with determination and creativity. 

As Autism Awareness Month encourages understanding and acceptance, Ray stands as an example of the remarkable talent and entrepreneurial spirit within the autism community. 

To learn more about Vaya’s Microenterprise Program and other small businesses like Ray’s, visit: Microenterprise Directory | Vaya Health

 The Microenterprise Program is the support members receive. The Microenterprise Directory is simply the online listing.

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