#VayaStrong – Blue Ridge Relay 2017

Congratulations to Team Vaya Strong for their completion of the Blue Ridge Relay, the premier team running relay in the Southeast. More than 200 teams competed in this year’s race. Relay teams rotated through 36 transition areas, covering approximately 208 miles. Each member of Team Vaya Strong ran three legs of varying lengths and difficulty, covering an average total distance of around 16.6 miles, at times pacing as much as 70 minutes ahead of schedule.

Vaya staff who participated in the Blue Ridge Relay include:

Brian Ingraham, CEO

Donald Reuss, Senior Director, Provider Network

Frank Jurovich, Procurement & Contracting Director

Christy Pruess, MHSU/IDD Eastern Director

Celeste Ordiway, MHSU/IDD Central Director

Laura Woodrup, Clinical Informatics Specialist

Lindsay LaPlaca, SIS Assessor/Olmstead Care Coordinator

Christin Pulsifer, IDD Care Coordinator

Michael LePage, IDD Care Coordinator

Enjoy this video compilation of their experience.

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