Ending Homelessness Together: NC Coalition’s $21.9 Million Grant and Hospitality House’s Expansion

Hospitality House of Northwest NC, the primary provider of Permanent Supportive Housing in the region, is set to create 13 additional permanent housing units with a generous $445,625 grant. Meanwhile, the NC Coalition to End Homelessness, serving as the lead agency for the NC BoS CoC, has been awarded an impressive $21.9 million grant.

Group presenting the check for the grant on stage

On May 31, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) hosted an award ceremony at Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina in Boone, North Carolina. HUD granted funding to Northwest Continuum of Care (NWCoC) and NC Balance of State Continuum of Care (NC BoS CoC) for a program called “End Rural and Unsheltered Homelessness.” Vaya Health played a crucial role in securing these grants and is actively involved in providing support to the communities served by the CoCs.

Seven North Carolina counties comprise NWCoC: Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes, and Yancey. Vaya Health is actively involved in all these counties, providing support and resources to those in need. The recent funding awarded by HUD will assist NWCoC in addressing rural homelessness, thanks in part to the efforts of Lori Watts, Vaya Health’s housing specialist for permanent supportive housing and vice-chair of NWCoC. Watts, along with Jenny Carson, a contract manager with Vaya Health, played a pivotal role in connecting NWCoC with provider agencies, facilitating the signing of crucial memorandums of understanding, and supporting the grant competition.

CoCs are vital for the Vaya Health community, fostering collaboration and enabling a more comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness. It coordinates resources, services, and support systems, preventing homelessness and providing emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, and permanent supportive housing programs. CoCs also advocate for policy changes and raise public awareness, aiming for systemic solutions. The NC Coalition to End Homelessness aims to create 1,200 homes across all 79 counties they serve.

HUD made the grants after a very competitive nationwide special funding competition that both CoCs submitted applications last fall. Vaya Health received HUD CoC Permanent Supportive Housing grants in Northwestern and Western NC. Their involvement with NWCoC and NC BoS CoC highlights their commitment to improving the lives of the homeless. Through collaboration, securing funding, and providing essential support services, Vaya Health contributes significantly to addressing homelessness. The recent grants awarded to NWCoC signify a step toward addressing rural homelessness, with future opportunities in NC BoS holding promise for further impact.

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