NC DHHS Suspends Implementation of Medicaid Managed Care

On Tuesday, November 19, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) announced that managed care implementation and open enrollment for NC Medicaid must be suspended.

NC DHHS shared the following:

With managed care suspended, NC Medicaid will continue to operate under the current fee-for-service model administered by the department. Nothing will change for Medicaid beneficiaries; they will get health services as they do today. Behavioral health services will continue to be provided by Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations. All health providers enrolled in Medicaid are still part of the program and will continue to bill the state through NCTracks.

Open enrollment had begun for part of the state in July and launched statewide in October. The Medicaid Managed Care Call Center (833-870-5500) will stay open through December 13, 2019 to answer questions but will no longer enroll beneficiaries in a health plan. Beneficiaries can continue to contact the Medicaid Contact Center (888-245-0179). Notices will be sent to beneficiaries informing them to continue accessing health services as they do now, rather than through new health plans.

Read the full announcement on the DHHS website.

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