Vaya Health Joins NC Communities in Recognizing National Native American Heritage Month

ASHEVILLE, NC – Vaya Health, as part of its efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare, is celebrating National Native American Heritage Day. The health care organization, which specializes in behavioral health and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), formed a Health Equity Council earlier in 2023 to continue its support to tribal communities.

The council represents tribal interests, aiding in the identification of health disparities among Tribal Members and the development of personalized solutions.

Vaya’s commitment to Native American health extends to its Integrated Care Management Registered Nurses, who assess the medical needs of federally recognized tribal members. These skilled healthcare professionals proactively address health risks facing Native Americans, including higher rates of diabetes, chronic diseases, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, and substance use disorders, collaborating closely with the medical team.

“Our commitment to the Native American population is a testament to our dedication to making healthcare accessible and equitable. Through initiatives like our Health Equity Council and the proactive work of our Integrated Care Management Registered Nurses, we are actively addressing the needs of Tribal Members,” said Davan Fourkiller-Raby, Tribal Provider Network Contract Manager for Vaya.

As part of its comprehensive care management approach, Vaya collects medication lists from all members during enrollment, annually, and during major care transitions. Vaya’s clinical pharmacists then compile and review these lists, identifying interventions 84% of the time during initial reviews and 70% during subsequent reviews, with a special focus on high-risk groups, including Tribal Members.

Vaya continues to offer cultural awareness training within its health education organization to empower Native American members with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed healthcare decisions.

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