Meet Rebekah

At the beginning of each Peer Support Training she leads, Vaya Peer Trainer Rebekah McCloy opens with a story about a woman standing silently on the edge of a busy highway, day after day. The woman’s husband, confused and concerned by his wife’s new habit, asked her what she was doing. His wife, who had tried so many times to stop using drugs, told him she was trying to work up the courage to step out into traffic. She had given up, and it broke his heart. He picked up the phone and called Vaya's Behavioral Health Crisis Line. ​

The ending of the story is always met with surprise. "I was that woman. Vaya Health helped me get on a pathway to recovery, which I'm still on today," Rebekah shares. "Vaya Health saved my life." ​

After living with a substance use disorder and her mental health for more than 30 years, Rebekah found a lifeline through the call her husband made. And now the very place that she credits with saving her life gives her purpose in supporting others on their own recovery journeys.

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