Strengthening Communities: Vaya Health’s Dedication to Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Vaya Health’s community partnerships and its dedication to local officials and healthcare providers are fundamental in improving access to mental health and substance use services. Recently, two ribbon-cutting events were held in Caswell and Stokes counties to show the organization’s dedication to helping individuals experiencing behavioral health crises.

The openings of a new walk-in center in Caswell County represents a collaborative effort between Vaya Health and RHA Health Services. The center will primarily serve residents of the community, offering an array of services to help individuals in crisis, including same-day assessments with recommendations for care, de-escalation, stabilization and safety planning.

Donald Reuss, Vice President of Behavioral Health and I/DD Network at Vaya Health, spoke during the event. “The creation of this center has been a joint effort between Vaya and RHA Health Services and is designed to provide access to the resources that people in the community need in order to lead healthier lives.”

In neighboring Stokes County, another significant event unfolded with the inauguration of a substance use and mental health treatment program. This facility will cater to the county’s residents, supporting individuals grappling with behavioral health challenges, particularly substance use disorders.

The collaboration between Vaya Health and October Road has paved the way for the establishment of a comprehensive treatment program that emphasizes a holistic approach to recovery. By combining Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with counseling and various therapeutic techniques, the program addresses the multiple dimensions of individuals’ well-being.

The facility’s services include medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy, all of which play crucial roles in helping individuals overcome substance use disorders. Through industry alliances and community partnerships, Vaya Health strives to ensure that every person in the region can access the necessary care when they need it the most.

The ribbon-cutting events in Caswell and Stokes counties represent remarkable achievements in the ongoing efforts to enhance behavioral health services in local communities. These initiatives demonstrate the power of collaboration between various stakeholders, including local officials, law enforcement, health care providers, and community partners. By prioritizing mental health and substance use services, these communities have taken significant strides toward fostering healthier lives and supporting the well-being of their residents.

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