Dr. Zenn and Dr. Wade Appear on Spotlight Carolina to Explain Vaya Total Care

Dr. Richard Zenn, Vaya’s Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Lorena Wade, Vaya’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, visited with WLOS to talk about Vaya Health’s new health care plan, Vaya Total Care.

Starting December 1 of this year*, people whose behavioral health or I/DD services are managed by Vaya Health will have their physical health care needs managed by Vaya, as well. You’ll hear it referred to as a Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plan. And that’s what we believe a health plan should be—tailored to meet a person’s specific goals and needs. At Vaya, we call it Vaya Total Care. It is designed to make it easy for members to get medical services, behavioral health care, and prescription medications, as well as support and assistance related to other life factors that can affect a person’s health.

Everyone’s health journey is unique. We know more goes into well-being than what happens in a doctor’s office. Your environment, your support system, and your community ties all play a role. For extra support to get and stay healthy, Vaya Total Care includes a free benefit called Tailored Care Management. It connects members with care managers who are specially trained health professionals that work with members, their doctors, and other providers to make sure members get the care and support they need when they need them. Wherever you are on your health journey, Vaya is here for you.

Watch the video below to learn more about Vaya Total Care. 

*This post has been updated with the new Tailored Plan launch date announced by NCDHHS.

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