During the Holidays, Helping Members Move Back into the Community has Unexpected Challenges–And Unexpected Rewards

Vaya Health’s commitment to helping those who have been living in institutions move back into the community is rewarding, but it can also come with unexpected challenges–especially during the holidays. 

“I love it, I really do love it. I go to bed when I want, I get up when I want, and I do my own cooking and bathing. I love it,” shared one Vaya member. Having transitioned to a new residence at the start of November, the member eagerly looked forward to hosting their family for the holidays. The transition came with support from Vaya’s Transitions to Community Living team (TCL), which helps health plan members with mental illness who choose to live in the community. 

Many who the TCL team helps may have lived in care facilities for years. That describes this particular member well. In their 70s, their adult life has primarily revolved around care homes. 

Amid their anticipation, however, financial constraints seemed to prevent some needed holiday cheer. The member shared with the Vaya team the inability to afford a tree and decorations–leading staff to seek resources in the community to help make the holiday wish a reality. 

Vaya TCL rallied its resources, determined to instill hope and ensure a festive home. On meeting with the transitions team, the member learned they would be able to decorate the new home with a Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations, thanks to resources available to them and to other members across Vaya’s 32-county North Carolina service region. 

In the holiday season, Vaya hopes that member stories like this will serve as a reminder of the power of feeling at home, whether a home is new and exciting, old and familiar, or anywhere in between. 

To learn more about Vaya Health and its commitment to its members, visit Transitions to Community Living | Vaya Health.

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