Nick Burrows Photography: seeing things a little differently

Nick never really cared for art growing up, but at age 16 his parents enrolled him in a photography class at AB-Tech Community College. He walked in on his first day having never taken a photo before and it was simply a way for him to be in a class that did not require a large amount of paper writing. As it turns out, he was a natural.

When Nick looks through a camera lens, he sees something completely different.

“It was a surprise,” said his mom, Beverly. “He really developed a love for photography and an eye for it.”

It also changed the course of his life. Nick is a Vaya Health member with autism and owns Nick Burrows Photography. He knew he never wanted to work a 9-to-5 job, and having his own business allows the flexibility to set his schedule while doing something he loves. Beverly sees something even more important in it.

“I see him feeling like he has a purpose,” she said. “It increases his quality of life being able to have something he’s working on, and it’s thrilling to him when he sells something.”

It’s also opening the doors to some new opportunities for Nick. He recently sold his first digital print, something he had not considered previously. A local restaurant also reached out asking if he would do stock photos.

“I was like, ‘well, this is a whole new thing for me, but sure, I’ll give it a whirl,’” said Nick.

He’s done a few requested photo shoots, but the few things he does not do are weddings and babies.

“Too much stress and too much drama,” said Nick.

What he does love to shoot are concerts and musicians. It combines his love of music and photography. Although Nick dabbles in music himself, his passion lies behind the lens, and it shows in his work. About eight years ago, he won a prize at the fair for his submission of a closeup of a horse’s eye.

“I like the creativity,” said Nick. “I will see something completely different than what the normal eye sees.”

In addition to selling prints, Nick also creates a yearly calendar featuring his work. This is the eighth year he’s done it, and Beverly says there are quite a few people that come back every year looking for it.

Nick’s calendars and other prints are for sale at Maddie’s on Main in Canton. Prints can also be purchased online at

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