Vaya Expert Educates State Lawmakers on Dangers of Tianeptine

Vaya Clinical Pharmacist Stephanie Craycroft-Andrews provided timely information and answered legislators’ questions Feb. 6 about tianeptine, an unregulated substance often included in products sold as “mood enhancers” under brand names such as Neptune’s Fix and Zaza Red.

“Its risks are high. Its benefits are controversial. And, it’s currently unregulated in the United States,” Dr. Craycroft-Andrews told lawmakers at the inaugural meeting of the House Select Committee on Substance Abuse in Raleigh. Rep. Frank Sossamon, representing Granville and Vance counties, and committee Chairman Rep. Stephen Ross, who represents Alamance County, invited Dr. Craycroft-Andrews to address the committee.

While sold as a prescription medication in some countries, tianeptine has been flagged as “dangerous and addictive” by the FDA. The agency sent a letter in January warning gas stations and convenience stores that may be selling the products. Find out more about tianeptine here.

See more of Dr. Craycroft-Andrews by clicking the image below:

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