Vaya Health Renews Commitment to North Carolina Foster Care Population, and Extends Pathways to Permanency Project

Vaya Health, a leading behavioral healthcare organization in North Carolina, is pleased to announce the continuation of its groundbreaking initiative, the Pathways to Permanency project – helping to ensure that children and youth in foster care have access to the services and supports they need to thrive, both in and outside of their placements.

Over the past few years, the project has showcased Vaya’s dedication to supporting North Carolina’s foster care population while continuing to champion the well-being and stability of individuals and families throughout Vaya’s 32-county region.

The Pathways to Permanency project has reached a pivotal stage in its development, driven by the efforts of dedicated workgroups and the invaluable insights provided by its advisory council. In tandem, they have devoted approximately 130 collaborative hours toward brainstorming, strategic planning and shaping the future trajectory of this initiative.

“We, at Vaya Health, are proud of the progress made through the Pathways to Permanency project, as seen by the collective dedication of our workgroups, the active participation in our Treat Them Like Gold training sessions, and the collaborative efforts we have undertaken in communities,” said Rhonda Cox, Executive Vice President & Chief Population Health Officer at Vaya Health.

Vaya Health has been actively engaging stakeholders and professionals in the field through the “Treat Them Like Gold” training sessions, drawing over 100 participants at the highest-attended session. Through this collaboration, Vaya has helped bring together child welfare agencies, foster care providers, community organizations, and other stakeholders to leverage resources and ensure the best possible outcomes for children in need.

Recognizing the importance of kinship resources, Vaya has developed and shared resource flyers with DSS, providers, and other community stakeholders, with the hopes that they serve as a valuable tool to individuals and organizations within the community.

In addition to these services, Vaya has also partnered with 15 DSS agencies to provide Child Service Continuum Training, a critical component of the Pathways to Permanency project. This comprehensive training works to equip DSS professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of child services.

“Throughout the past year, we have seen that by empowering DSS agencies, local organizations and individuals, we can help ensure a consistent and informed approach to serving children and families within the foster care population,” said Ashley Parks, Child and Family Treatment Continuum Director at Vaya Health.

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